Monday, 5 October 2015

Blythe Style - Ramona

For my first post I decided to kick off with the first in a series that I'm really looking forward to - 'Blythe Style' will showcase my doll's personal style and how I like to dress them. For the first round I will start each doll in their original stock and then create an outfit from the collection I'm all too quickly amassing.

This week we're starting off with my Mandy Cotton Candy (MCC) aka Ramona.

Apart from her enviable hair, it was her stock that really drew me to this doll. The welly boots have graced the feet of all my other dolls and her hat is just adorable. But while I love her little romper, with the pink pom pom tail on the butt, the fuzzy shorts tend to shed so I don't use them often now for risk of them getting damaged.

A lot of people tend to lean more towards the girly and simple look for their MCC's from what I've seen on Flickr - pastel florals, white frilly dresses, aprons and bows. Don't get me wrong, that look really works well for this doll as a juxtaposition against her striking two blue hair, but Ramona always seems to end up going back to her stock roots and wearing something much more eclectic - a hipster vibe with a pinch of Lolita.

These are my three go-to dresses for Ramona - the black and white stripe and polka dot dress is Barbie and has had the straps removed for a better fit, the frilly white dress has a Peter Rabbit print and was a Blythe Doll Lovers UK Facebook find, and the yellow rabbit print dress is Barbie again and has an awesome scalloped peter pan collar!

But for her blog debut I decided to really mix things up with some clashing prints and lots of props (Ramona tends to get first dibs on all the props and the other girls don't get a look in).

(clockwise l-r) Tortoise shell plastic glasses EBAY; Straw hat COUNTRY SUMMER STOCK; Skateboard POUNDLAND; Floral socks DIY; Black heels LEOPARD SASS STOCK; Ditsy print dress HILLYRAGS; Guitar    POUNDLAND & DIY.

Now let's get her dressed...

 "Now I'm finally ready, I'm off to grab a flat white before heading to band practice"
Do you have a Mandy Cotton Candy in your collection? What's her personal style?

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