Friday, 9 October 2015

Grail Girls - Dear Lele Girl

A couple of weeks ago I started a secret Pinterest board of wish list Blythes. Since I already have a public Blythe board I didn't want to bombard non-dolly followers and really this list is just a record for myself. Some of them are much more realistic than others - I think we all know what I'm most likely to end up owning between a newer Takara release and a blonde Kenner!

I have quite a selection of red heads on my wish list but I just saw this girl NRFB on Ebay and my heart sank a little. Obviously sellers can charge whatever they want and it doesn't mean that she's worth that amount or that someone will pay that much. But man, that was a hell of a lot of money and definitely permenantly out of my price range.

So I figured she should be the first of my 'Grail Girls' to grace the blog.


An April 2010 release, she was a CWC exclusive. An RBL mould with natural skin type, blue eyeshadow and pink blush and lips. Her stock is so cute and something I would probably keep her in, though it would fit in well with other dolly clothes I own. Lele comes with a dress, tunic, headband, leg warmers, hair pins, brown clog shoes plus a special blue/green stand with gold rod.

She has two sets of special eye chips - the light green (top left) and light brown (top right) which work so well with her wavy red hair. Personally not a fan of the blue and pink stock chips; I don't think they do anything for her.

And to top it all off - the most beautiful special eyelashes

But even without the fancy stand, the cute clothes and special chips and lashes, there's just something about her and she has the dreamiest complexion. She is one of the sweetest Blythes I think I've ever seen.

Since we're potentially talking £1500 to own this lovely lady I think she will be eternally sitting on the list!

Do you own Dear Lele Girl? What dolls are on your wish list?

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