Friday, 9 October 2015

She's So Sassy

When I got Nina, my Leopard Sass, I was pretty disappointed in her hair. And since she was my first ever Blythe doll it was always going to be difficult to disappoint me. But what should have been a voluminous, deep waved perm was frizzy and a bit lank.

Nina has had several hair dampenings (with baby conditioning detangling spray) and her hair then set in foam rollers, but it never seems to stick.

After my Kenner's last conditioning treatment I popped Nina in to the fabric softener mixture for an hour, rinsed and set in rollers. I left her for about 36 hours and then very carefully removed them, making sure not to disturb the ringlets and re-cause the frizz.

All seemed well until a couple of days ago i looked at her and realised while her hair is still relatively smooth, the curls have dropped again. Particularly around her face. So it looks like it's another spa treatment for Nina next week.

Not that she's complaining!

Do you have a Leopard Sass Blythe with troublesome hair? What do you do to keep the curls in?

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